Tunnel construction

Installations in tunnels requires the smooth functionality of system and safety, in case of any incedents such as fire. Our Cable Tray and Support system fulfill the demands placed technically requirement placed on infra-structure and making the passage safer, no matter whether it be a road, railway, maintenance tunnel. We have carried out 500 degree temperature rise test for 1 hour to check the material rigidity in case of fire.

Production and industry

In Industrial installation MEM solutions provide when you need strength and reliablity under tough industrial conditions. MEM system supplies equipment with power and data with seperate identification by providing the Cable Trays in different colours. In case of thick, abondoned cable heavy weight and vide gaps we provide strong cable support system. Our portfolio of products inputs Perforated Cable Tray, Ladder Cable Tray and Raceway systems for industrial purposes arrange of finishes and materials allowed to adopt them to your place of installation.

Airports and railway stations

Modern Airport and Railway system combine Logistics area with shopping with leisure facilities. MEM solutions ensures that electricity and data flows smoothly and in case of any incedent, they fulfill the highest standard for safety with tested system for fire protection.

Power station

MEM has lot of experience require when building power stations in complex system the right thing at the right place at the right time. MEM systems provides complete mounting system, vide span system, upto Perforated Cable and Ladder Cable trays with maintenance system.

Data centre

MEM Solutions ensures absolute functional safety and reliability to the Data Centre required during operations. We provide seperate colour coding Raceways, Cable Tray for power and data cables in different colour to identify the right cable at the right time to save time in case of any fault in system.

Residential buildings

MEM Solutions provides functionality and flexibility in buildings infrastructure to ensure people who use modern office buildings need to communicate, organize and move around in considering the safe envioronment.