Total Quality

Maheshwari Electrical QualityWe are commited to provide the best quality products to our customer. Our quality department follows stringent processes right from Raw Material which includes physical, visual and diamensional checks. All records testing like Deflection, DP Test, Load Test and Galvanizing Test are carried out by experienced professional using inhouse facilities. Our internal testing procedure are designed from Procurement to order completion and delivery in such a manner that at each stage the manufacturing process the previous stage is checked and only meeting the required parameter the process is allowed to proceed further. To ensure that we get it right in the first time, each time we follow various quality documents and quality control procedures at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Our commitment to quality is validated every year by JAZ-ANZ through certification of MEM ® INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS - for excellence in processes, in environmental concern and in occupational health & safety.

We have been acknowledged as qualified vendors for prestigious jobs at EIL, MECON, BHEL, PowerGrid, Numerous State Electricity Boards, Indian Oil Corporation, DLF, ITC, NDPL & Reliance Energy.

We meticulously adhere to distilled wisdom collected from the best quality practices like TQM, Quality Circles, 5S

Quality, IMS Policy
Quality Policy IMS Policy
MEM ® dedicates itself to total quality.

It will constantly strive to exult the customers By anticipating and exceeding their expectations

Continuous improvement, Teamwork, Commitment Integrity and Excellence shall be the guiding values
MEM ® dedicates itself to total quality.

We shall constantly strive to exult our customer by anticipating & exceeding their expectations, conserve natural resources, work towards employing eco friendly processes & improve our environment, health & safety continual improvement, teamwork, commitment, integrity, excellence & abiding with all legal & other requirements shall be our guiding values.



The Testing procedures at MEM ® ensure total quality throughout the production process. The technical experts ensure compliance as per the national/international tests.

MEM ® Cable trays are fabricated out of

Mild Steel conforming to I.S. 1079; 10748; 2062;

Stainless Steel conforming to grade 302, 304 & 316

Aluminium confirming to I.S. Hindalco or Equivalent make

Test to be Performed
• Weight of zinc coating I.S. 4759; 1996
• Uniformity of zinc coating I.S. 2633; 1986
• Thickness of zinc coating I.S. 4759/6745;
• Adhesion Test. I.S. 2629;
Reference: IS
• IS 6745
• IS 2632
• By elcometer IS 2629


Some of the routine tests conducted at MEM ® are :

Stringent QAP of Raw Material.
MEM ® conforms to all IS specifications.
Time to Time MEM ® has revalidated it's products and systems.

We are also capable of designing, manufacturing, supplying Cable Trays which are Earthquake resistant.